Paper Monsters by Papermade (Daniel Stark & Maria Tabet with illustrations by Iain Burke) (3.4 Stars)

First of all, I want to thank goodreads and Julia Huschke for offering this giveaway. I was lucky enough to be a winner. Thank you, also, to Julia, for the lovely note she left me.
The way I want to go about writing this review, since it is not a book in the most common sense, is by giving commentary on my making a monster.

Paper Monsters

The book in itself is quite nice. It’s soft-cover which, however, also means that it didn’t arrive all safe and sound, even though it was very carefully packed. The pages and monsters are unharmed.

First leafing through the book, I realized is how wonderfully colourful everything is. Also, unexpectedly, every monster has a name, specification of species, and a little story with background information. On the downside, there is also a lot of self-advertisement and copyright stuff on every single page.

P1030893 (2)20

While looking through the pages, I started deciding which monster I wanted to “test-make”. I found it slightly difficult to take a proper look at every monster, since the slightest bending of the pages undid monster-parts and would lessen the fun for the lucky child which will be presented with my pre-approved version.

Finally, I decided to work with James, The Gargoyle.

This scary devil has a heart of stone – and that’s not being unkind, it’s a fact! Encased in a tomb of rock, this beast only wakes at special times, summoned by evildoers to steal positions of power for his rotten allies.

If that doesn’t excite your imagination! Mine definitely is, bringing it in comparison to every event in which I have read about gargoyles or seen them on TV.

Now for the difficult part. In order to have a proper experience with this monster, I wanted to rip the page out of the book – it is pre-punched to encourage this approach. I was unable to do that. As I said before, opening the book is difficult due to ripping out other monsters in the process. Therefore, I couldn’t quite reach the book spine, and instead of ripping the punch holes, I ripped the page, and almost part of my monster in the process.

P1030894 (2)20

Instead, I now punched out all the monster parts from the page still inside the book, having trouble keeping the book open and, again, trying not to rip out the other monsters.

Big question mark. What now?

I followed the link that is advertised at the top of every monster page. The video in “How to” told me to:

  • be patient
  • punch out carefully
  • pre-fold the scores
  • carefully loosen the tabholes
  • insert the tab diagonally
  • assemble the body first

Right, let’s see.

Once you have a think about it, it’s actually quite easy to assemble the little monster. Every flap has a letter and every hole has a letter. You just need to connect. Twice, I didn’t do what they told me to, since that way of assembling it didn’t make sense to me (the left foot would stick into the air, and the wings would be the other way round, but by comparing it to the little picture, my changes seemed appropriate). Assembling it didn’t take longer than 10 minutes. The preparation time was much longer.


The whole process of punching out and folding wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Then again, I am not the most talented person, when it comes to doing crafts. Overall, it was quickly done, it holds without clue and tape, and I didn’t need any tools, as the cover promises. Plus, my monster almost looks like the one on the picture. You do need patience, and you should take the warnings seriously, to fold and loosen first.



Monster-Pages: 3 Stars
Preparation: 3 Stars
Assembly: 4 Stars
General Rating: 4 Stars
Personal Rating: 3 Stars


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