Persuasion, the Coloring Book by Jane Austen, M.C. Frank (2 Stars)

So, I was curious about the colouring book hype, and since Persuasion is one of my favourite books ever, I thought I’d give that one a try.

I had a hard time even figuring out with which of the pages I should start. I was, admittedly, never very big on colouring, so I tried to find something easy that I could imagine in my unartistic mind. I failed. Most of these patterns are so intricate and detailed that instead of relaxing while colouring in, I got even more stressed. Missed a line. Not enough colours. Made it too colourful after all. Repeating, repeating, repeating the same pattern over and over. And why is that pattern cut off and doesn’t fit on the page anymore?

In my second attempt to get into colouring, I ventured further into the book – you don’t read it, so you don’t have to start at page on and finish on the last – trying to find something really easy. And I did. I did fine colouring it. It was almost fun. The sad part was, now it’s over and I probably won’t find another pattern like that in the book, so no more fun.

There are many, many black lines to consider in the sketches and patterns, which makes the pages overall very black and uninviting. I keep wondering whether, once I get started with these, I will be able to find the colour in the final picture.

I have already mentioned that Persuasion is a favourite of mine. So, I had expectations about this book. Certain scenes that I wanted to find and colour in. Well, none of them really made it. And with the scenes there are, I don’t see this wonderful story developing.

Maybe I’ve had too naïve an approach to the entire thing, not adult and artsy enough, but I just cannot find the joy I hoped for in this colouring book.



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