Harry and the Egyptian Tomb by Jane Cadwallader

My friend asked me to read this book, which she wants to read with her seven-graders, to understand the end. We concluded that we hope it’s not necessary to exactly understand the mystery of it, because our interpretation of it was beyond seventh grade.

From the given points of focus of this reading exercise, however, I really enjoyed this book. It had the appropriate language for learners of English of the level A2 and was written specifically for the peer group of young learners. Additional to language, the illustrated pages are very well done and help deciphering the plot. From a cultural point of view, the book covers basic knowledge of Egypt and its history, which I found exactly right to spark an interest in the reader.

Since I am not a teacher for children, I cannot exactly assess the value for school, but I consider the story an easy and interesting read in general, which might inspire the reader to read more.

3 Stars


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