Blood Will Tell by C.S. Donnell

Book Title: Blood Will Tell
Author: C.S. Donnell
Fiction/Non-Fiction: Fiction
Number of Pages: 242
Publisher: Createspace
Date: May 23- May 24 2016
Rating: 3.4

“But he never forgets. You know that.”
“And he never forgives.”

Thank you goodreads and C.S. Donnell for this giveaway! Thank you also for signing this copy! Here is your well-deserved review!

I will admit I went into this story not knowing what to expect. The blurb didn’t give much away, and there are no tags yet on goodreads. As you might notice, I’m still not quite sure which genre to assign it. I thought about new adult and romance at the beginning, but it didn’t continue like that, obviously. I thought about something like family tragedy or family secret, later then that I might classify it as thriller, and there were a few crime elements. There was also a bit of science. So, basically, this book is all of that!

I had a hard time getting into this story. For one, it has super short chapters (– which made it really hard to get to bed last night, since I could very easily say, ‘Oh, just one more.’), and change of perspective after each chapter. It was also quite summarized at the beginning, in order to get to the main part of the story. I’ve got to say that I prefer long, or at least longer, introductions into the story, setting, characters. On the other hand, I only realised towards the middle of the book that it was written through several perspectives, which I very often find confusing or annoying, yet here I didn’t mind. (But here is some criticism to be added, too. Perspectives came with convenience, not regularity. That, I don’t like.) Overall in this book, I would have loved more detail, less skipped scenes, more explanations and just a little bit more depth to settings, events, history and characters.

The main story, as it slowly developed and deepened and the reader learned more about the characters’ pasts, motifs and plans, was very shocking and dark and a hint frustrating. I do wonder which parts of it are fantasy and which parts of it were researched and are based on facts. It took a while until I realised what part the book’s title plays in the book, but then it was just everywhere. It fit with the characters, the plot development in more than just one meaning and interpretation. The book turned out to be fascinatingly interconnected, and while I did have an amused smile on my lips at some parts, it also made perfect sense. No weird coincidences. That, I like!

I can recommend this book to anyone, because it seemed to touch just about every genre imaginable. I read it within less than 24 hours – and I do sleep and eat and work – which is not only because I had to know what happens and how it happens, but also because the writing style was very pleasant. I just couldn’t put it down until I was done.


Idea: 4 Stars
Plot Development: 3 Stars
Pace: 3 Stars
Characters: 3 Stars
Quality of Writing: 4 Stars
Ease of Reading: 4 Stars
Insightfulness: 3 Stars
Cover/Photos/Illustrations: 3 Stars
Enjoyability/Personal Rating: 4 Stars
General Rating: 3 Stars


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