Magnolia by Kristi Cook


Author: Kristi Cook
Language: English
Genre: Young Adult, Romance
Number of Pages: 306
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Date: 3 July – 4 July 2016
Rating on goodreads: 4 Stars


Why You Should Read This Book:
The story has great main characters and a very engaging plot. It’s the kind of easy summer read you just have to love. The events of the book were with me while reading (totally was convinced to expect a hurricane any second) and for several days after reading.
I don’t know how far I can judge as a European non-native speaker of English, but I found that there was a hint of the southern drawl in every spoken word and I thoroughly enjoyed that.
It won’t surprise anyone that it ended too early. Time to turn on the head cinema, because I’m not ready to let go of these characters and their story.

We were born exactly six weeks apart, a perfect match, agewise. You can imagine what it’s been like since our mothers first plopped us into a crip together, rubbing their hands in conspirational glee as they planned our wedding.