On The Fence by Kasie West


On The Fence
Series: – (Companion to The Distance Between Us)
Author: Kasie West
Language: English
Genre: Young Adult, Romance
Number of Pages: 293
Publisher: Harper Teen
Date: 1 July – 2 July 2016
Rating on goodreads: 4 Stars


Why You Should Read This Book:
Wonderful book.
On the Fence is a sequel that isn’t a sequel to The Difference Between Us. You are going to start by recognizing the descriptions of the setting and then suddenly a blonde with pinked tips will arrive and you know, you are back in Old Town. At first I was a bit annoyed at that, then amused, and finally really, really glad that, by some kind of twist of fate, I read The Difference Between Us first, because if I hadn’t, half a page would have been completely random, and some other characters thrown in and mentioned wouldn’t have really made sense.
Anyways, this book is about Charlie, a tomboy who grew up with her Dad and three brothers. Due to things that happen she gets thrown into a completely different world where things are girly and she has to decide who she really is. I loved that part. First, I got a bit worried when she kept changing, but hiding at the same time, but as the book developed, I thought the topic was very nicely dealt with.
This is entertainment at its best.
Read this book, because it has wonderful characters, who have to go through dealing with their past, present, families, and finding out who they really are. The topics are addressed sensibly and sensitively, it doesn’t go too deep, but is exactly right for this type of book and story.

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